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"Pedagogics encompassing the documentation centre" is an facility belonging to the District Youth Circles which is financed by the City of Nuremberg, the Land Bavaria, the State and the Region of Middle Franconia. Three female members of staff design and organise the educational programme in cooperation with an team of free lancers participating in regular training and further educational courses.

The following parameters apply to the educational program: Nuremberg was a "place of perpetrators" in the "Third Reich". Even today, the name Nuremberg is associated with major events and elements from the Nazi era:

- City of the Reich Party Congress
- The city lends its name to the "Nuremberg laws" but also the "Nuremberg trials"
- The regime staged its propaganda rallies in Nuremberg
- The site of the Reich Party Conference was a place of perpetrators and hangers-on
It is important that the motivation, the ideology, the conduct and the motives of the hangers on are discussed here. Pedagogics makes a significant contribution to historical and political education of children and juveniles, whilst at the same time offering an impetus for critical reflection on today`s society and its problems.
Forms of events and modules
- Study days on various aspects of the "Third Reich"
- Occupational groupspecific study days
- Media-specific educational project days
- Project days
- Finding out about the former Reich Party Conference site
- Looking for clues throughout the city
- Material packets for children
- Project supervision
Principles and elements of our pedagogic work
- Objective explanation of Nazism
- Promotion of selfinitiative and independence
- Promotion of learning by discovery
- Creating interest in history

Our pedagogic work is divided int three main areas:

1. Project and study days encompassing the documentation centre and the site of
    the former Reich Party Conference.
2. Modules in Nuremberg city following the "Trail of Nazism" - the city becomes a     lively "place of education".
3. Projects relating to pics and aspects of curent political education such as teaching     an active understanding of democracy and courae, resisting hatred of foreigners,     group pressure, violence and right-wing extremism.

Unsere Angebote:
• Studientage

- Jugend und Erziehung im   Nationalsozialismus

- Medizin und Menschenbild im   Nationalsozialismus

- Menschenrechte -
  (K)eine Selbstverständlichkeit?!

- Rechtsextremismus in Franken

- Widerstand von Jugendlichen gegen den   Nationalsozialismus

- Zwangsarbeit in Nürnberg 1939-1945

• Geländebegehung

- Von Fahnenträgern, Lagerleben und                 Eintopfessen

- Inforallye Reichsparteitagsgelände

• Spurensuche

• Workshops

- Demokratietraining
- Macht der Gruppe
- Rechtsextremismus
- Zivilcourage

• Angebot für Kinder

• Medienworkshops

- Inszenierung der Macht
- Respekt!
- Partizipation

• Materialkoffer
• Sonstige Angebote
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